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TypeTitleSales Cert
Units Cert
album4 [Last: PLATINUM on Aug. 1st, 2011]N/A3× PLATINUM
albumB'Day [Last: 3× PLATINUM on Apr. 16th, 2007]N/A4× PLATINUM
albumBEYONCÉ [Last: 2× PLATINUM on Jul. 18th, 2014]N/A4× PLATINUM
albumDangerously in Love [Last: 4× PLATINUM on Aug. 5th, 2004]5× PLATINUM6× PLATINUM
albumI Am... Sasha Fierce [Last: 2× PLATINUM on Jan. 16th, 2009]3× PLATINUM5× PLATINUM
albumLemonade [Last: PLATINUM on Jun. 6th, 2016]N/A2× PLATINUM
digital***Flawless [Last: N/A]GOLD2× PLATINUM
digital1+1 [Last: N/A]N/AGOLD
digital6 Inch [Last: N/A]N/AGOLD
digital7/11 [Last: PLATINUM on Mar. 5th, 2015]N/A3× PLATINUM
digitalAll Night [Last: N/A]N/AGOLD
digitalBaby Boy [Last: GOLD on Oct. 27th, 2005]N/APLATINUM
digitalBeautiful Liar [Last: PLATINUM on Feb. 13th, 2009]N/A2× PLATINUM
digitalBest Thing I Never Had [Last: PLATINUM on Nov. 27th, 2012]N/A2× PLATINUM
digitalCheck on It [Last: GOLD on Jan. 18th, 2006]PLATINUMPLATINUM
digitalCountdown [Last: GOLD on Nov. 27th, 2012]N/APLATINUM
digitalCrazy in Love [Last: GOLD on Oct. 22nd, 2004]2× PLATINUM3× PLATINUM
digitalDance for You [Last: N/A]GOLDPLATINUM
digitalDiva [Last: GOLD on Apr. 2nd, 2009]PLATINUM2× PLATINUM
digitalDon't Hurt Yourself [Last: N/A]N/AGOLD
digitalDrunk in Love [Last: 3× PLATINUM on Mar. 5th, 2015]N/A4× PLATINUM
digitalEgo [Last: N/A]GOLDPLATINUM
digitalEnd of Time [Last: N/A]N/AGOLD
digitalFormation [Last: GOLD on Sep. 27th, 2016]N/APLATINUM
digitalFreedom [Last: N/A]N/AGOLD
digitalGet Me Bodied [Last: N/A]GOLDPLATINUM
digitalHalo [Last: 2× PLATINUM on Jan. 5th, 2010]4× PLATINUM6× PLATINUM
digitalHaunted [Last: N/A]N/AGOLD
digitalHold Up [Last: GOLD on Sep. 27th, 2016]N/APLATINUM
digitalI Was Here [Last: N/A]N/AGOLD
digitalIf I Were a Boy [Last: 2× PLATINUM on Oct. 13th, 2009]3× PLATINUM4× PLATINUM
digitalIrreplaceable [Last: 2× PLATINUM on Jul. 20th, 2007]3× PLATINUM3× PLATINUM
digitalListen [Last: N/A]GOLDPLATINUM
digitalLove in This Club Part II [Last: N/A]GOLDGOLD
digitalLove on Top [Last: GOLD on Mar. 5th, 2012]PLATINUM2× PLATINUM
digitalMe, Myself and I [Last: N/A]N/AGOLD
digitalMine [Last: N/A]N/AGOLD
digitalNaughty Girl [Last: GOLD on Oct. 22nd, 2004]N/APLATINUM
digitalPartition [Last: PLATINUM on Jan. 16th, 2015]N/A2× PLATINUM
digitalParty [Last: N/A]N/APLATINUM
digitalPretty Hurts [Last: N/A]N/APLATINUM
digitalRun the World (Girls) [Last: GOLD on Jul. 29th, 2011]PLATINUM2× PLATINUM
digitalSingle Ladies (Put a Ring on It) [Last: 4× PLATINUM on Jul. 20th, 2010]5× PLATINUM7× PLATINUM
digitalSorry [Last: GOLD on Sep. 27th, 2016]N/A2× PLATINUM
digitalSweet Dreams [Last: PLATINUM on Jan. 5th, 2010]N/A2× PLATINUM
digitalTelephone [Last: 3× PLATINUM on Feb. 29th, 2016]N/A4× PLATINUM
digitalUntil the End of Time [Last: N/A]N/AGOLD
digitalUpgrade U [Last: N/A]GOLDPLATINUM
digitalVideo Phone [Last: N/A]N/AGOLD
videoLife Is But a Dream [Last: N/A]GOLDN/A
videoLive at Wembley [Last: 2× PLATINUM on Jun. 3rd, 2004]3× PLATINUMN/A
videoThe Beyoncé Experience Live [Last: 3× PLATINUM on Jun. 9th, 2008]4× PLATINUMN/A